Read Easy

An easy to use text reader chrome browser extension. Removes clutter and improves readability. Lets you focus on what you want to read. Great for reading articles, web novels and blog posts.

Read Easy
NOTE: Read Easy works best for web pages that have a lot of content.
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             Version 1.2.0

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  1. Text to Speech (TTS) (Experimental)
    • Easy to use Speech controls
    • Highlight line & paragraph
    • Click to navigate
  2. Simple, clean and easy to use
  3. Supports light and dark themes
  4. Gives user control over font and text styling (Monospace, Serif, Sans-Serif, Open Dyslexic)
  5. Keyboard shortcuts for all actions
  6. Navigate to next or previous article (Experimental)
  7. Dictionary - Select a word to lookup definition